Club championship

  1. Only members of the Brahma Club Belgium (Belgian and foreign) can participate in the club championship. They must be in order with their contribution at the start (1/09) of the exhibition season.

  2. The club championship is calculated over 3 exhibitions; the club show of the Brahma Club Belgium (AFFLIGEM) is compulsory one of them. For the 2 other exhibitions you can choose from any belgian show, the european show or any other brahma clubshow. The condition for inclusion of show results in the ranking is that at least 20 Brahmas or 20 Brahma bantams were present at the show concerned, shown by at least 3 enthusiasts in each group. taken. Whoever plays more shows in this way has a better chance of higher show results for inclusion in the rankings.

  3. For each of these 3 exhibitions (club show + 2 of your choice) the 3 highest scores are taken into account. The color variety, sex, age, etc. are not considered. The final classification is thus calculated over 9 animals (3x3).

  4. Two classifications are drawn up: one for wholesalers and one for bantams. The first in each classification will receive the title of Club Champion. In the event of a tie in the final classification, the following criteria are successively decisive:

    4.1. The highest number of 97's (among the 9 selected animals).
    4.2. The highest number of 96's (among the 9 selected animals).
    4.3. The highest points total at the Clubshow in Affligem.
    4.4. The highest number of roosters (among the 9 selected animals).
    4.5. The highest number of perennials (among the 9 selected animals).
    4.6. The smallest number of color varieties (among the 9 selected animals).

  5. From a certain point total you end up in the following category:
    850 points (average 94.5) or more Quality Breeder
    855 points (average 95) or more Top Breeder
    860 points (average 95.5) or more Champion Breeder

  6. It is also possible to become club champion in any recognized color variety. The same rules apply: 3 exhibitions (of which the club show is compulsory one) with the 3 highest scoring animals per (same) color variety, regardless of sex or age. A minimum point total of 846 (average 94) is set for the title of color variety champion. In case of an ex aequo, all the above criteria apply (art. 4 excl. 4.6)

     7. The member will ensure that the board has the necessary palmares before 31/01 of the following year to                  perform this calculation.