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The Brahma is just about the largest chicken in the world. They’re enormous, impressive - one could even say majestic - chickens and are therefore often called the king amongst poultry breeds. Brahma chickens impress with their size, volume, massive head and foot feathering. Who wouldn’t fall in love with this? Should it be pointed out that the Brahma has been the most popular poultry breed in Belgium throughout the last decade?

Brahmas exist both in large fowl as well as bantam (dwarf) and this in multiple color varieties. Large fowl Brahmas weigh up to 4-5 kilograms, while bantams weigh only a mere 1,5-2 kilograms. Brahmas are very tame, child-friendly chickens with a large strokability factor. In terms of accommodation and care they do not ask for much:; a nice stretch of grass with a covered shed, clean drinking water and a good basic feed (flour and/or grain mixture) will suffice. They normally don’t fly up so a normal fence will do just perfectly. Having Brahmas in your garden is a true delight and a pleasure to watch … and with some luck you’ll even be able to enjoy a nice fresh egg a day!

The Brahma Club Belgium exists since 2002. Its objective is to promote the keeping, breeding and exhibiting of Brahmas in Belgium - and in extension throughout Europe - and to keep watch over the race quality and standards. This through the organization of animal judgings, exhibitions, farm visits and lectures, the publication of a newsletter as well as frequent concertation with foreign associated societies.